A group of 20 people all smiling and waving at Powerhouse Museum on-site staff training.

Training Services

Accessible Arts is a leading disability, access and inclusion training provider for the Arts and Culture sector.

Our specialised workshops are designed for arts and cultural organisations, festivals, venues, not-for-profit organisations and government agencies. Each year we train up to 1000 people, from large organisations and venues to local government teams and small independent operators, to connect with and support the 1 in 5 Australians who identify as living with disability or who are d/Deaf . Our training is:

  • Arts Specific: We’re experts in arts, culture and disability with over 35 years experience in helping organisations improve their accessibility, so we understand the challenges and opportunities arts organisations encounter.
  • Disability Led: Our trainers have lived experience of disability. It makes a world of difference.
  • Cost Effective: We understand the budget constraints under which many arts organisations operate and ensure our prices are the most competitive in the market.

NEW – Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Working with people with disability requires understanding of varying access requirements and knowledge on how to implement reasonable adjustments. This training session will cover legislation, access riders, reasonable adjustments, funding, access responsibilities and recruitment processes. Through practical examples, tips and tricks, we’ll help your organisation to confidently identify and remove access barriers in order to create an inclusive workplace which benefits everyone.

Dates and Times
Tuesday 10 October, 10am
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UPDATED – Accessible Festivals and Events 

Designed for Festival and Event Organisers, this course outlines achievable and effective ways to help ensure your team is prepared and confident to cater for everyone. Covering everything from planning and programming to ticketing and inclusive recruitment, this workshop has been designed by arts experts and festival-goers with lived experience of disability.  

Dates and Times
Wednesday 15 November, 10am
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Accessible Exhibition Design

There’s so much to consider when planning, curating and delivering an exhibition, and with 1 in 5 Australians identifying as a person with disability, accessibility is a key component. In this expert workshop, we’ll cover everything from budgeting and consultation to programming and experimentation. Accessible exhibition design is not only achievable – it’s essential!

Date and Time
Wednesday 22 November, 1pm
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Accessible Marketing & Communications Workshop

This new online workshop – delivered by media accessibility trainer Bec Hogan – has been developed to specially address the needs of marketing and communications workers in the arts, culture and events sectors so they can improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of their relevant digital communications.

Date and Time
Monday 30 October, 10am
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Disability Confidence Training

Designed for arts, culture and events workers, this introductory workshop is all about helping you and your team improve how you connect with and support people with disability or who are d/Deaf. Discover practical solutions for making your organisation disability confident with this disability-led training course delivered by arts experts. 

Dates and Times
Wednesday 20 September, 10am
Thursday 9 November, 10am
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Being Accessible Online Workshop

With so much of our lives having moved online, arts companies, cultural venues, event producers and other creative industry organisations are now delivering much more of their activities using online and digital channels. It’s a huge shift and we all need to upskill so online content and services can be accessed and enjoyed by the 1 in 5 Australians who live with disability of who are d/Deaf.

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There are currently no upcoming sessions. If you would like to book some private training or go on a waiting list to be notified when a public workshop is next scheduled, please email training@aarts.net.au

How to be a Good Ally 

Disability confidence starts with awareness. As disability education and advocacy experts, we have designed this new workshop to support businesses and organisations to be a good ally to the 1 in 5 Australians with disability or who are d/Deaf. Covering topics from unconscious bias and ableism to the top issues facing disabled artists, this insightful workshop will improve your understanding of disability and provide a comfortable space to ask questions.

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There are currently no upcoming sessions. If you would like to book some private training or go on a waiting list to be notified when a public workshop is next scheduled, please email training@aarts.net.au

Screen Access and Inclusion Training

For many years, the Australian screen industry has voiced a need to address attitudinal barriers and enhance diversity and inclusion. Our brand new, disability-led Screen Access and Inclusion Masterclass program has been developed in consultation with screen professionals with lived experience of disability in order to address these barriers and boost accessibility confidence through the provision of practical guides, achievable solutions and shareable resources.

This industry-specific Masterclass program comprises two dedicated workshops for industry professionals both with and without disability:

Masterclass for Industry (General Industry and Employers)

This disability-led training has been expertly designed to upskill employers in better understanding and responding to access requirements through providing practical knowledge and building disability confidence. Learn about the social model of disability (including guidance on appropriate language and etiquette), the language of disability, creating an inclusive workplace and where and how to access advice.

Masterclass for Screen Practitioners with Disability or who are d/Deaf:

This course has been expertly designed to boost confidence through acquiring practical knowledge about navigating the screen industry, understanding your rights and responsibilities and effectively communicating access requirements. The course will include:

  • The social model of disability (including guidance on appropriate language and etiquette)
  • When should you disclose?
  • Identifying and implementing your reasonable adjustments
  • How to write and submit an access rider
  • How to confidently and effectively communicate access requirements on-set
  • Getting started in the screen industry
  • Where and how to access support if needed

There are currently no upcoming Screen Access and Inclusion Masterclasses. If you would like to book some private training or go on a waiting list to be notified when a public Masterclass is next scheduled, please email training@aarts.net.au


All workshops cost $99 (+ GST + booking fees) per person. Receive a 10% discount when you book for 3 or more people. Discount applies automatically when you select Group Tickets when booking online.


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Closed captioning and Auslan interpreting are available on request for all training. Please advise of your access requirements upon registration. Please note that we require at least 4 working days notice.

Online Workshops

All our workshops are currently being delivered online using the Zoom video conferencing platform. Zoom is an easy to use, reliable and free cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops and telephones. After signing up for our workshop, you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to a Zoom meeting on the date of the workshop. On the day of the workshop, all you have to do is click on the relevant link in the invitation, follow the prompts and you’ll be part of the workshop.
More information about Zoom can be found at https://zoom.us/
If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact our Training Coordinator, Michelle Teear, on training@aarts.net.au
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Screen view of 20 participants during an online training session.

Private Sessions

We can design, create and deliver private in-house training for your organisation at any time. The workshop can be conducted online, at a venue of your choice in Sydney or regionally, or at our offices at The Rocks in Sydney. Get in touch and we’ll get you sorted!
Contact our Training Coordinator, Michelle Teear, on training@aarts.net.au
People sitting around a table

Sydney Film festival staff at a training session at our office in The Rocks


“I love that the training is done by people with disability. The first-person perspective is invaluable.”

“Sydney Festival has utilised the services of Accessible Arts for annual staff Disability Awareness Training since 2011. Sydney Festival has a large audience, many of whom have accessibility requirements, and we have prioritised training for our staff across all departments so that everyone is provided with a greater awareness of what disability is, and given skills and tools to be able to confidently use the right language and understand the value of inclusivity. Accessible Arts have always ensured that someone with lived experience has run the training sessions, which we value highly. Their courses are developed and run by arts experts, geared towards the industry, all of whom have been happy to chat through any questions our staff may have. Sydney Festival staff have always come out of the training with creative solutions to problems they previously didn’t know existed!”

“The training was engaging and helped our company learn more ways to improve and expand accessibility, both within our team and with what our festival offers to the community.”

“A fabulous session which has made being disability confident much more achievable! Thank you so much – really appreciate your expertise.”

“Thank you for providing this session. I am determined now to make some important changes within my organisation.”

“The training really opened our eyes to how we can improve in areas we didn’t even realise needed improving. Thank you!”

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at info@aarts.net.au or call 02 9251 6499.


Image Description: A group of 20 people all smiling and waving at Powerhouse Museum on-site staff training.

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