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A photo montage featuring people of various ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.

2020 – Our Year In Review

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and we would like to acknowledge the hardship experienced over the last nine months by the people and communities we serve, especially the many arts practitioners with disability whose lives and livelihoods have been severely impacted by the COVID pandemic.

However- and as ever – the courage, resilience and creativity of our community members right across the arts and cultural sector has come to the fore and we pay tribute to them for working with us and each other to respond to the trials of 2020 with compassion and solidarity.

In spite of the turmoil, we’ve achieved some significant outcomes this year in terms of advancing the arts and disability agenda in NSW.

We’re a small team and we couldn’t have done it without help from our wonderful network of supporters, partners and stakeholders and we’re grateful for all their contributions. Special thanks to our advisors, our trainers, our board, our ATAG and In Conversation participants and partners, our funders, donors and supporters, the Art and Business team, Book a Tech, Sitback and everyone at Arts Exchange.

COVID Response 

  • Provided vital information and support to artists with disability throughout the pandemic
  • Advocated to NSW government and arts/cultural sector for increased support for artists and audiences with disability
  • Rapidly moved our programs and services online
  • Developed new Delivering Accessible Online Events training workshop

Programs, Services & Events 

  • Delivered 32 arts and disability training sessions for over 650 participants
  • Provided consulting services for 12 arts/cultural organisations
  • Delivered 6 ATAG industry education events and 2 In-Conversation artist Q&A events which attracted over 1500 attendees
  • Delivered 4 professional development workshops for artists and arts workers with disability
  • Delivered our annual Bundanon Artist Residency program for 5 artists with disability funded by community donations
  • Graduated 10 women with disability through our Front & Centre arts and disability leadership program
  • Delivered ArtScreen 2020 and launched ArtScreen 2021 video art production initiatives
  • Supported the premiere of two new shows by artists with disability at the 2020 Sydney Festival 
  • Launched Activated Arts monthly radio show/podcast in partnership with radio 2RPH
  • Supported development and presentation of 2020 online art exhibition featuring work of 6 artists with disability
  • Supported delivery of 2020 Inclusive Film Festival featuring 8 artists with disability celebrating IDPWD
  • Secured and coordinated significant disability representation at Art State 2020

Organisational Development 

  • Secured 4-year core funding from Create NSW
  • Developed new Strategic Plan 2021- 24
  • Appointed 2 new board members with disability
  • Upgraded our website to meet latest accessibility standards


  • 36,000 social media engagements
  • 16,000 social media followers
  • 20,000 website visitors


Image Description: A photo montage featuring people of various ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.