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Activated Arts Podcasts

Get turned on to a different kind of creativity!

The Activated Arts podcasts, produced in association with Accessible Arts and 2RPH Radio, explore and showcase the unconventional talent and distinctive work of professional arts practitioners with disability.

Join presenter Anthea Williams (pictured above) and outstanding artists and arts workers from right across the creative spectrum for entertaining, enlightening and provocative discussions about art, culture and disability. Each program looks at a specific topic, bringing in guests to unpack that topic in creative and surprising ways, while discussing their work and arts practices. The program also includes a round-up of relevant news and events.

So switch on and transform your understanding of art, culture and creativity.

Podcast Links

The Activated Arts podcast is available on all major platforms (see below) as well as the 2RPH website (www.2rph.org.au):

Program Notes

Activated Arts #12 ( Fri 13 August 2021)

Activated Arts #11 ( Fri 16 July 2021)

Activated Arts #10 ( Fri 18 June 2021)


Activated Arts #9 (Fri 21 May 2021)

  • The Consultants | Consultancy can sometimes be a contentious issue in the arts and disability space, especially in relation to issues such as lived experience and authenticity. So this month our show host Anthea Williams talks with Tom Middleditch, a Co-Director of arts and neurodiversity company A_tistic and Matthew Field, CEO of The Attitude Foundation which works to improve representation of people with disability in the media.
  • What’s On: https://www.2rph.org.au/program/sydney/friday-1/activated-arts 
  • Transcript: Ep #9 The Consultants

Activated Arts #8 (Fri 23 April 2021)

Activated Arts #7 (Mar 2021)

  • Comedy & Disability | This month Anthea  talks to comedians Alistair Baldwin and Madeleine Stewart about comedy, disability, growing up disabled and hippotherapy. They discuss the specific experience of being disabled from birth and if that increases you chances of becoming a comic or just makes you less likely to be seen as a sex object. Also, what they would like to see change in the entertainment industry.
  • Transcript: Ep #7 Comedy & Disability Transcript

Activated Arts #6 (Feb 2021)

  • Back to Back | Over the past 30 years Back to Back has been one of Australia’s most successful and awarded theatre companies. They have travelled across the globe at Festivals in the USA, Europe, Asia and beyond.  And all from their home base in Geelong Victoria. The Company says that they question assumptions about what is possible in theatre but the assumptions we hold about ourselves and others. This month Activated Arts talk with ensemble members Simon Laherty and Ingrid Voorendt.
  • What’s On | This month in the What’s On we meet a new member of the Activated Arts team Hanna Cormick who regular listeners will remember from episode 4, Value Shift. We discuss all things access including Gutted by Restless Dance Theatre, the lack of digital access at the Adelaide Festival and a newer form of audio description available via 3ply.net.
  • https://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/events/guttered/
  • https://www.3ply.net/1-1-infinity
  • Transcript: Ep 6 Back to Back Transcript

Activated Arts #5 (Jan 2021)

Activated Arts #4 (Jan 2021)

  • Value Shift | Anthea talks with artist Hanna Cormick. In 2015 Hanna Cormick was living in Paris and working as a physical performer with a background in dance, circus and interdisciplinary arts. Now Hanna is a wheelchair user and due to a number of acute allergic reactions she spends much of her time at home and must when a full-face mask when in public. But her arts practice has deepened and the values behind her work have radically shifted. This month we spend a full episode talking to this remarkable artist. https://www.hannacormick.com/
  • What’s On: The Sydney Festival is upon us and Accessible Art’s very own Liz Martin is performing as part of it, live at the Seymour Centre and live streamed: https://www.sydneyfestival.org.au/events/into-space-between-notes
  • Transcript: 210114 Activated Arts Ep4 Value Change

Activated Arts #3 (Dec 2020)

Activated Arts #2 (Nov 2020)

Activated Arts #1 (Oct 2020)


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Image: Activated Arts producer and presenter Anthea Williams (Credit: Brett Broadman)

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