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Activated Arts Program/Podcast

Get turned on to a different kind of creativity!

Activated Arts is a 2RPH Radio show and podcast  – produced in association with Accessible Arts – that explores and showcases the unconventional talent and distinctive work of professional arts practitioners with disability.

Join presenter Anthea Williams (pictured above) and outstanding artists and arts workers from right across the creative spectrum for entertaining, enlightening and provocative discussions about art, culture and disability. Each program looks at a specific topic, bringing in guests to unpack that topic in creative and surprising ways, while discussing their work and arts practices. The program also includes a round-up of relevant news and events.

So switch on and transform your understanding of art, culture and creativity.

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When & Where

Radio Show 

  • Every Friday fortnight (starting from Oct 9 2020)
  • 2:30pm – 3pm
  • 2RPH  (Sydney: 1224AM or 100.5FM | Newcastle/Lower Hunter: 100.5FM)


The Activated Arts podcast is available on all major platforms (see below) on the first Friday of every month as well as the 2RPH website (www.2rph.org.au):

Program Notes

Activated Arts #3 (Dec 2020)

Activated Arts #2 (Nov 2020)

Activated Arts #1 (Oct 2020)


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Image: Activated Arts producer and presenter Anthea Williams (Credit: Brett Broadman)

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