Working With First Nations Artists With Disability Workshop


Improve how you and your organisation works with artists with disability from First Nations communities.

Making Social Media Accessible Workshop


Get some bright ideas about making your social media content more accessible for people with disability.

A composite image of three visual artists. On the left is a women with long dark hair next to a colourful painting. In the middle is a young man in a paint splattered white plastic hooded jumpsuit. On the right is a woman in a red hat with colourful painting.

Bundanon Residency Fundraiser


Empower five artists with disability to create amazing work and advance their careers. Please help us. Donate now!

Vintage black and tan suitcase covered with old travel stickers

Touring Lab


Learn how to get your show on the road!

Promotional Image for ATAG Online with event text, various logos, for black and white heads shots of two women and two men and a promotional image of a hand touching a glowing blue electronic screen

Arts, Disability & Technology | ATAG Online 17 June


Join us for this FREE online panel about how artists with disability and cultural institutions are embracing digital technologies.

Image is an illustration of a laptop computer with various communication icons emerging from the screen in colourful graphics

Top 10 Tips For Running Accessible Online Events


Here are some hot tips to help you make your digital content and online events more accessible and inclusive during and after the COVID crisis.

Image shows a COVID-19 logo, headshots of three speakers and the words ''Staying Accessible in a Rapidly Changing World' across one side.

Staying Accessible In A Rapidly Changing World | ATAG 19 May


Join us for this FREE online panel about improving access to online content and services for people with disability during COVID and post-COVID.

Image is four headshots of people - three women and one man - with various backgrounds.

How Artists With Disability Are Coping With COVID


4 artists with disability share their experience of these COVID times

Image is a headshot of a smiling young woman - Emily Dash



Artist and disability arts advocate Emily Dash has joined the board of Accessible Arts as a director.

Image is a man in an art gallery looking at artworks made from dollar signs

Financial Support For Arts Practitioners Affected By COVID-19


Financial support for arts practitioners in NSW hard hit by the impact of COVID-19 is being provided by all levels of government.