An overhead view of people of various ages and cultural backgrounds sitting around a round table. There are words and illustrations on the table which relate to ideas and creativity. There is also promotional text and logos for the event the image is promoting.

Get On Board Workshop


Get the knowledge and skills you need to take your arts leadership ambitions to the next level.

Two dancers are intertwined together through their arm movements. From the left the dancer is bent over with his arms stretched downwards and they are linked with the hands of the dancer on the right. Her head is facing upwards with her body leaning backwards. To the right of the image is a wheelchair. Coloured image on a blacked-out stage, stage lighting shining on the artists.

What Is Access In Dance?


Join us for a free public forum on accessible dance education, training and practice.

Promotional Image for ATAG Online with event text, various logos, five black and white head shots of three women and two men and a promotional image featuring a live streaming icon

Live-Streaming Accessible Events | ATAG Online 22 July


Join us for this FREE online panel about streaming fully accessible live online events using multiple content sources.

Working With First Nations Artists With Disability Workshop


Improve how you and your organisation works with artists with disability from First Nations communities.

Vintage black and tan suitcase covered with old travel stickers

Touring Lab


Learn how to get your show on the road!

Promotional Image for ATAG Online with event text, various logos, for black and white heads shots of two women and two men and a promotional image of a hand touching a glowing blue electronic screen

Arts, Disability & Technology | ATAG Online 17 June


Join us for this FREE online panel about how artists with disability and cultural institutions are embracing digital technologies.

Image shows a COVID-19 logo, headshots of three speakers and the words ''Staying Accessible in a Rapidly Changing World' across one side.

Staying Accessible In A Rapidly Changing World | ATAG 19 May


Join us for this FREE online panel about improving access to online content and services for people with disability during COVID and post-COVID.

Many different faces in rectangles during a Zoom online training session.

Online Workshops Now Available


We’re now offering an online format of our popular Disability Awareness & Equity Training workshop.

Image shows a photograph of actors Bridie McKim and Roz Hammond on a sofa.

In-Conversation: Bridie McKim + Roz Hammond


Two of the stars of inclusive ABC TV drama “The Heights” will discuss the ups and downs of performance, representation and disability at this FREE public Q&A event at the ABC TV studios in Sydney.

Image features a close-up of a keyboard, headshot pictures of the four presenters and the words "Digital Accessibility' in large print, all on a white background.

Digital Accessibility | ATAG Sydney 3 March


Make your digital assets and communication more accessible for people with disability in relation to arts, culture and events.