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A woman's hands operating devices in a sound recording studio.

New Residency Program To Explore Multi-Sensory Music

A new creative residency lab is set to give musicians and other artists an opportunity to take music beyond sound and into other sensory realms.

Music Senses is a paid residency for 10 participants that seeks to connect music artists who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing (HoH) and hearing so they can collaborate, experiment and create music in new ways.

The collaborations will:

  •  Explore and develop music and sound making processes and technologies
  • Develop a better understanding of how artists right across the hearing spectrum can collaborate creatively together
  • Better understand how d/Deaf and HoH communities can experience, create and participate in music.

Residency participants will explore interactive and complimentary artforms including music, lighting and projection, as well as electronic music, multisensory devices, wearables, vibration devices, triggers, and other technologies.

Music Senses is a program of the Hack Sounds initiative developed in partnership between Accessible Arts and 107 Projects and supported by Create NSW.


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Image Description: A woman’s hands operating devices in a sound recording studio. In the centre are the words HACK SOUNDS in yellow font.