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The Angus Project: A man is sitting in a wheelchair and a woman is sitting on the stairs. They are interacting.

The Angus Project: Pilot episode on ABC TV

Angus Thompson, an actor with Cerebral Palsy, stars in The Angus Project.

What’s The Angus Project?

The Angus Project is a comedy for television set in regional NSW.

The Angus Project stars Angus (Angus Thompson) who is an aspiring sports journalist with Cerebral Palsy.  The show is loosely based on his own real life. He works for a shonky local paper called The Bathurst Gazette. Angus wastes his days with his carer Nina (Nina Oyama), a flailing university student who has a knack for blowing even the most mundane tasks out of proportion. Assisted by their eclectic drug dealer Kane (Sammy J), the two find colourful ways to shirk their responsibilities, and undermine their mean boss Kath (Veronica Milsom), who runs the regional disability service provider.

What happens in this pilot episode?

In this 28-minute pilot episode for television, Angus must get an interview with gold medal-winning paralympian, Wayne “Wizza” Miller (Adam Bowes) in order to secure his first front page story in The Bathurst Gazette. In exchange for the interview, Wizza has some bizarre demands, which send Angus and Nina all over town and deep into the regional Australian countryside.

Who stars in The Angus Project?

This laugh-out-loud episode features a breakout performance from Angus Thompson (leading actor with cerebral palsy) and is packed with Australia’s best loved comedic talents, including, Sammy J (Sammy J’s Playground Politics), Veronica Milsom (Mad As Hell, Triple J), Nina Oyama (Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Utopia) and Craig Anderson (Double The Fist, Elegant Gentlemen’s Guide to Knife Fighting). The show is co-written by veteran comedy writer Melina Wicks (The Weekly, The Checkout) and Nina Oyama, with script supervision by multi award winning comedian Greg Larsen (Fancy Boy, Get Krack!n, Tonightly with Tom Ballard).

When is it airing?

This pilot episode is airing on Tuesday 4 December at 9:30 pm (AEST) on ABC Comedy.

Is there a trailer so I can preview it?

Yes! Visit here to watch the trailer.

Feature photo: Angus Thompson as Angus and Nina Oyama as Nina

This page was first published on 26 November 2018.