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Spot On Children's Festival: A child with face paint is looking at the camera. Circles of coloured paper hang behind her

Spot On Children’s Festival – Relaxed Performances!

Spot On Children’s Festival, now in its seventh year, is a premier arts festival for kids. It’s returning to Riverside Theatres in the City of Parramatta, NSW. Featuring live entertainment, films, workshops and free activities, it will surely hit the spot for ages 2 – 10+ years and their families during the upcoming school holidays in October. You’re invited to spark your imagination and embark on new adventures at this year’s Spot On Children’s Festival.


Riverside Theatres is committed to providing quality arts experiences for all patrons by making their programs and venues accessible. This includes patrons with disability and specific needs. Throughout the year – and as one element of this strategy – select relaxed performances are offered.

What are relaxed performances?

Relaxed performances are sensory-friendly performances where the perceived ‘rules’ of theatre are relaxed to allow patrons with Autism and other specific needs to enjoy their experience in a welcoming environment. Such modifications can include the theatre lights being dimmed, but not turned down all the way; elements of the show like loud noises or bright lights being toned down or removed; and, the understanding that patrons may come and go from the theatre as needed.

During Spot On Children’s Festival, the relaxed performances are:

Big Bad Wolf on Tuesday 9 October at 1:00 pm
Gran’s Bag on Thursday 11 October at 2:15 pm
Josephine Wants to Dance on Friday 12 October at 12:30 pm

Enhance the experience with social stories

Along with these performances, Riverside offers social stories. These are easy to read, visual stories that explain and prepare patrons for the experience of coming to the theatre and seeing a show. Social stories can be downloaded from each show’s webpage (links below).

Where is Spot On Children’s Festival taking place?

Spot On Children’s Festival is taking place at Riverside Theatres at the corner of Church and Market Streets in Parramatta, NSW.

How do I book?

Visit the links below to find out more about the performances, buy tickets and download each of the social stories:

Big Bad Wolf
Gran’s Bag
Josephine Wants to Dance

Wanting more?

Visit the Spot On Children’s Festival page on Riverside Theatre’s website.

Feature photo: by Jamie James

This page was first published on 11 September 2018.