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Survey: Two young girls are facing a yellow wall hung with colourful gears. Photo by Marinco Kojdanovski

Survey for Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Accessible Arts is working with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) to develop a Disability Inclusion and Action Plan (DIAP) and would appreciate your input via a survey.

As part of the process we wish to include as many voices of people with disability as possible.

The Survey

One of the tools we are using to collect feedback is an online survey. This survey will take 5 to 7 minutes to complete, and your input will be really valuable in shaping the plan for MAAS. The survey is for anyone, whether you are a regular visitor to the Museum or haven’t been for a number of years.

Please complete the survey by Monday 30 April 2018.

If you need assistance filling out the survey, please contact Liz Martin at Accessible Arts on 02 8379 3102 (Tuesday to Thursday).

You can complete the short survey by clicking on this link.

About the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) is Australia’s contemporary museum for excellence and innovation in applied arts and sciences. There is estimated to be well over 500,000 separate items in the MAAS collection and venues include the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory and the Museums Discovery Centre.


The MAAS vision is to be a catalyst for creative expression and curious minds. It is uniquely placed to demonstrate how technology, science and design interact and how they impact Australia and the world.

International Reputation

Internationally, MAAS is acknowledged for the calibre of its collection, scholarship, exhibitions and programs. The collection spans science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport and space exploration. It is also home to the material heritage and stories of Australian and Indigenous culture, history and lifestyle, providing a comprehensive insight into this rich and diverse country.


The Museum places strong emphasis on learning and creativity. A calendar of temporary exhibitions and programs complements a range of permanent galleries throughout MAAS venues. Online resources include a collection database, interactive experiences and learning resources.

The Museum’s exhibitions and programs focus on the following disciplines:

  • technologies
  • health and medicine
  • physical sciences
  • engineering
  • architecture and the built environment
  • design and decorative arts
  • fashion
  • contemporary culture

For more on MAAS, visit their website.

Photo: Marinco Kojdanovski. Reproduced courtesy of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

This page was first published on 13 April 2018.