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Octapod: Riona Tindal is standing with her back to a stone wall partially covered with a vine. Photo by Susan Wright

Dr Riona Tindal Undertakes Research from Octapod

An exciting new partnership is underway between Accessible Arts and Octapod, the Lower Hunter region’s key arts and cultural service organisation.

What’s this partnership about?

This partnership between the two organisations is about undertaking a research project focused on the arts and cultural needs of people with disability in the Lower Hunter.

Dr Riona Tindal works from Octapod

As part of Accessible Arts efforts to engage with arts and disability outside of Sydney, Dr Riona Tindal, the organisation’s Deaf Arts Officer, will be based at the Octapod office for eight Mondays over the coming months.

What’s the aim of the project?

One aim will be to collect up-to-date and accurate information to support the design and development of activities to more effectively build the capacity of artists and the creative sector.

Another goal will be to connect people with disability to local arts and cultural resources, information and programs in Newcastle and the Lower Hunter region.

The project will also gather information that Accessible Arts can use to advocate for the needs of artists with disability by feeding it back to the NSW Government, particularly Create NSW.

What will Riona be doing?

Riona will be travelling around the Lower Hunter to meet with artists with disability to find out about their arts and cultural needs.

She will assist artists who need support to complete the current online survey which is open until 12 August. The purpose of the survey is to improve support for disability arts, screen and culture in NSW. To connect with the survey, visit here.

Riona will also be available to provide information regarding what artists with disability in Newcastle and the Lower Hunter are doing right now.

Can I meet with Riona?

Yes, you can organise a meeting with Riona by emailing

In Riona’s words

“I am so pleased to be spending this time at Octapod in the Lower Hunter. This is a region that is close to my heart. I look forward to meeting people and looking for ways, over these eight Mondays, to facilitate access for artists with disability in this region.”

More on Octapod and Dr Tindal

You are invited to visit the Octapod website right here. To learn more about Riona, visit here.

This page was first published on 1 August 2018.

Feature photo: Dr Riona Tindal by Susan Wright

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