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Three women stand in the Bella Room, which is covered in light green shelves filled with colourful cushioned artworks in the colourful shapes of mouths, eyes, noses and other objects.

Big turnout for atag

More than 40 people from across New South Wales arts organisations came to our final Accessing the Arts Group (ATAG) meeting of the year – our biggest turnout yet!

The meeting was held in the Bella Room at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), which is a dedicated, interactive space for people with specific learning needs where they can explore the work of contemporary artists.

The first speaker was Gill Nicol, Director of Audience Engagement at the MCA (pictured presenting, bottom image). She discussed some of the key findings from the MCA’s recent Bella Room evaluation report. Attendees were able to enjoy visit the current exhibition, ‘Room of Lucky Charms’, created by artist Kate Beynon.

The second speaker was Fiona Jackson, Executive Projects Coordinator for Sydney Festival. She talked about the journey Sydney Festival has taken to have access and inclusion embedded into all processes, with insights into what the 2018 program has in store for and by people with disability. She showed this short video around customer service, which is part of the festival’s internal staff training program to help ensure highest possible levels of customer service for all guests at the Festival.

A huge thank you to our wonderful speakers Gill and Fiona for their insights and the MCA for hosting.

If you’re interested in live captioning get in touch with Nari or Alex at The Captioning Studio.

Join our network

ATAG is a professional development group that Accessible Arts set up, aimed at improving disability access and social inclusion across the arts. Any artist or arts worker is welcome to join the ATAG network. If you’d like to join our mailing list please contact Accessible Arts Operations Manager Kay Richardson.


Three women sit side by side in a room with orange walls, They are laughing and looking forward

A woman stands to the left of a projected screen, holding a microphone in one hand and pointing to it. Six audience members are seated facing her