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ACT ATAG Event – a great event!

The first ACT ATAG for 2019 was held on Friday 15th March in conjunction with this year’s BOLD festival – a festival celebrating dance as a way to promote healthy ageing and exploring how creativity can benefit health.  The BOLD festival is produced and curated by dancer and choreographer, Liz Lea.
The ATAG event was an “in-conversation” style event between local singer, songwriter and Accessible Arts Officer for the ACT, Ruth O’Brien, and local independent artist, Daniel Savage.  The topic was accessible events, with the conversation talking about how Canberra producers could make their events more accessible, how to improve access at local arts and cultural institutions and why access is important on a broader scale – how accessibility effects us all.
All up we had around 20 attendees, including several prominent members of the ACT arts community.  Audience members were highly engaged in the conversation and many people stayed around after the event to chat more about the topics raised.