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A group of people - some standing, some kneeling, some in wheelchairs - are gathered in a room with timber floors and big windows at the Disability Inclusion Training workshop in Canberra.

Disability Inclusion Workshop ACT

Yesterday in the ACT we had a terrific day of Disability Inclusion Training as well as a session on the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. Attendees included a range of ACT based organisations across the arts. We are always appreciative of the level of enthusiasm through these training sessions. You can really see the passion that our community has for supporting artists with disability.

Just to put this into context for you, Accessible Arts recently received funding from the Informative Linkages and Capacity Building Grant (ILC). This project is funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in collaboration with Accessible Arts to deliver training in Disability Inclusion and the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. ILC provides grants to organisations to carry out activities in the community. ILC is about creating connections between people with disability and the communities they live in.

We’ve had some fabulous feedback about the day from one of our participants, Liz Lea;

“A very big thank you for the two sessions today. Many notes taken and inspiration gleaned. So many things that can be activated swiftly and begin to set up processes that enable inclusive thinking at all times. As artists we normally go wherever we want to but this is an area I realise I have found myself reluctant to dive into without the permission I feel we have been given today – just through conversation.”