Letters of Support Guidelines

Accessible Arts is often requested to provide letters of support to artists and arts practitioners for their projects or initiatives.

For Accessible Arts to provide a letter of support for your project or initiative, it must be relevant to the work of Accessible Arts. Please read our About Us page, or speak with a staff member for information about Accessible Arts.


To assist Accessible Arts in providing a letter of support to you, please follows these steps below:

  • Email the relevant project manager at Accessible Arts with your request for a letter of support. Accessible Arts must receive this email 10 business days before the letter of support is required.
  • In your email to the project manager, you need to describe your project outline, explain how the project will include access and opportunities for people with disability, outline the budget for your project, and a copy of the application the letter of support is being requested for.

Upon Accessible Arts informing you that a letter of support will be provided, you will need to provide a draft letter of support to Accessible Arts, which needs to include the following information:

  • Your project or initiative
  • How your project or initiative incorporates access and opportunities for people with disability
  • Any prior experience in developing inclusive projects for people with disability.

Upon receipt of the draft letter of support, Accessible Arts will review it, amend it if necessary, arrange for signature and return of a signed letter of support to you.



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