ArtScreen 2023 Artist Credits

ArtScreen 2023 Artist Credits / Guy Morgan

“Written with a finger on a steamed-up window” by Guy Morgan.

Many thanks to the following artists who contributed to the making of this ArtScreen 2023 work:

Amy Claire Mills – Textiles and Performance Arts
Angie Goto – Painter and Artist Educator
Bridie McKim – Actor
Christine Johnson – Writer
Duncan Meerding – Designer/ Maker
Emily Dash – Theatre and Screen Actor, Writer, Producer and Advocate
Matthew Clarke – Painter, Drawer, Sculptor and Printmaker
Natalia Stawyskyj – Filmmaker
Sandra Minchin Delohery – Visual/Performance Artist
Sri Thulin (ANGEL) – Contemporary Indigenous Artist and Storyteller


Image description: A collage of headshots of contributing artists including (from top left to bottom right): Duncan Meerding (photo by Chris Crerar), Matthew Clarke (photo by Andrew Clarke), Amy Claire Mills, Guy Morgan (photo by Rob Harley, courtesy Urban Village), Natalia Stawyskyj (photo by Henry Hu), Bridie McKim (photo by Daniel James Grant), Angie Goto (photo by George Goto), Sandra Minchin (photo by (Tom Delohery), Christine Johnson (photo by Richard Lawrance), Sri Thulin aka ANGEL (photo by Craig Owen) and Emily Dash (photo by Sal Eccleston).

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