Matthew Wiggins Image holding digital camera
Robert Thom Smith in a studio installing his artwork.
Artist Terry Williams working in his studio hand stitching a textile sculpture.
An artist, Christian Den Besten is working in a cluttered corner of a studio conveying evidence of creative labour. The artist is making green stars on disks of a darker green using thread, perhaps on felt. There is a wall to his right patterned with repeated images and the word ‘construct’. A noticeboard also adorns this wall, covered with images mostly on paper, possibly postcards and photographs. Containers, boards, sheet materials – mostly blue, tools and office equipment surround him, but he is entirely engrossed in his task. A narrow doorway at the back right hand side of the picture appears to lead to another section of the studio.
Scott Pyle stands holding the side of a large canvas on an easel. The early draft of the painting has already been applied and appears to be his 2012 work ‘Untitled’. Scott is dressed warmly in a navy coat and beanie. He appears to be a young man in his twenties. He has a round, rosy cheerful face and a moustache. His glasses are large and round. Behind him are shelves full of folders in a variety of bright colours, blue, red, green, yellow, black and brown.
A photo of the artist, Peter Hughes, shows him, paintbrush in hand at his studio work-table covered in paint and artists’ materials in a studio. He looks confident and cheerful, smiling broadly at the camera. He has short dark brown hair, a rosy completion and appears in his early 20’s.
Left side of the image is a close-up side profile of artist Joceline Lee. T The right hand-side of the image is out of focus. Given the context of the photo, we assume she is working in the studio.
Kevin Meagher working in the studio. The artist looks directly at the camera and is holding one of his large scale clay sculptures. The sculpture is textured with deep finger markings and blue and pink underglaze.