Interact Resource Kit

The interACT Resource Kit has been designed to assist those who want to work in integrated performance settings

Mixed Abilities workshop participants walking around during a warm up exerciseThe kit contains:

  • Workshop Plans –  From the Mixed Abilities Ensemble performance training program for people with and without a disability.
  • Case Studies – Nine arts organisations and disability services across regional and metropolitan areas in New South Wales, Australia, share their experiences of working in an integrated performance setting.
  • Resources – Links to all the organisations involved in the project, those that submitted a case study and other similar resources.

Why have a kit of this kind?

Firstly, to create awareness amongst a wider audience of the work that is going on in the field of integrated performance.  Secondly, to help those who may want to work in this field and are wanting to know how to get started and what is involved and lastly to give those working in the field already acknowledgment for the work they have done.

How do I use interACT?

You can simply read it online or download the whole document as a PDF, Word document or Large Print Word document. Individual Case Studies can be downloaded from the case study pages. It is then up to you if you want to use any ideas from the workshops plans or be informed and inspired by the organisations who have contributed case studies or browse through some of the links in the Resource section


Interact Resource Kit – full version (PDF 2.8MB)