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Front & Centre: Arts Leadership Program For Women With Disability

Front & Centre (August 2019 – March 2020) is a professional development program for women with disability, working in the arts, creative and cultural sectors across NSW.

Front & Centre addresses the issue of a lack of representation of women and people living with disability in leadership roles by:

  • Individual empowerment – through an accelerated leadership development program and
  • Changing the environment – through introductions and connections to decision-makers and influencers, and advocacy around the issue of representation by people living with disability.


  1. Diversity – First Nation’s people, age, cultural and regional diversity
  2. Career development – changes in career aspirations and strategic actions taken.
  3. Advocacy – introductions, speaking engagements, publications
  4. Connections – network of leaders and influencers supporting the program.
  5. Representation – in 6 months, participants will make active steps towards further leadership development, including seeking and securing positions.


  1. 6 x individual (50 minutes) coaching sessions with accredited specialist arts and creative leadership coach – Judith Bowtell of Albany Lane consulting (www.albanylane.com.au).
  2. Coaching can be onsite at Accessible Arts, partner body tbc and/or online.
  3. Values assessment as framework for leadership development.
  4. Motivational matrix to develop key areas of interest.
  5. Other tools as developed by Albany Lane for Front & Centre to support your development.
  6. Access to Front & Centre webinar series, online tools, Facebook group for 10-12 peer participants in the program, and the Accessible Arts team. Introduction to 1 (one) key person, network or connection that will accelerate your leadership development.

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 6 August –  Applications for EOI’s for Front & Centre open.
  • Friday 13 September – Applications for EOI’s for Front & Centre closes (5pm).
  • Wednesday 18 September – Selection Process.
  • Friday 20 September – Successful applicants will be informed via email.
  • Thursday 3 October – Front & Centre meet up to set key goals for program.


  • 6 x coaching programs each month (October – February) 7-11 October, 4-8 November, 18 -22 November, 16-20 December, 27-31 January & 24-28 February.
  • 1 x group webinar on Wednesday 23 – October, 4-December, 12 -February
  • Webinar topics include: Discrimination at work – your rights and responsibilities, Developing inclusive cultures at work, Being a leader – responsibilities of executives and board members.
  • End of March – Graduation event for Front & Centre participants.
  • Early May – Report back from Front & Centre participants.

Selection Criteria

  1. Commitment – to own development as an artist, creative, arts or cultural worker.
  2. Community – involvement in activities outside of own creative practise or organisation.
  3. Awareness – of the issues in the arts sector in Australia and NSW.
  4. Coach-ability – willingness to take feedback, self reflect and openness to external challenges.
  5. Diversity – understanding of the importance of diversity in sustainability of arts culture, barriers to representation and one’s own place within the arts and cultural.

Please note, for the purposes of promoting Front & Centre, participants agree to make themselves available for interviews, filming and other social media opportunities.

Please note that as a part of the program participants will also be asked to be apart of evaluating the program, with some being asked to be a subject of an individual case-study in leadership development.


Women who are interested in participating in the Front & Centre program are invited to complete a brief online application.

The deadline for applications is: Friday 13 September 2019.

Up Front Program Application

About Front & Centre Program Coach Judith Bowtell

Judith Bowtell is a career and leadership coach who specialises in supporting people in the arts, creative and community sectors. She has been coaching executives and emerging leaders to develop their self-awareness, confidence and st

rategic skills since 2012, through her coaching practice Albany Lane Consulting Pty Ltd – www.albanylane.com.au.

Judith has had 25 years’ experience in arts strategy and policy, in funding and cultural agencies, and leading arts companies as CEO, chair and board member.

Her coaching  practice is a holistic, sensitive and dynamic approach which is particularly suited for: navigating major life transitions, transforming blocks, resolving inner conflict, generating cultural change and developing authentic power, self-mastery and leadership skills.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/judith-bowtell-4977a04/



Yarmila Alfonzetti – Executive Director, State Opera of South Australia

I was fortunate to meet Judith at a time in my life where I had a lot of work experience and a burgeoning career in leadership. However, like so many women who have achieved recognition and promotion based largely on the volume of work they can produce, and the diligent deadline-driven delivery of their task results, I had neglected to “discover” the unique ways in which I could add value to my organisation and ultimately be an authentic leader. Through Judith’s coaching and mentoring technique, based around enhancing the intrinsic skills already possessed by an individual, I was able to clarify and build upon my management style to create a type of leadership that is transferable, genuine, and represents who I am consistently and honestly. Judith’s broad range of experience means that there is no situation, problem or challenge for which she cannot support a resolution; the important thing being that it is your resolution, not something out of a textbook. I would highly recommend Judith Bowtell to teach, enhance and advance the leadership skills of any person in a position where they need to shoulder the responsibility of major decisions affecting staff, their business and industry.

Vicki Norton – Peer Networks Executive, Philanthropy Australia

When I began my sessions with Judith, I felt really unsure of which way I wanted to go with my career. I’d just got to the end of the baby stages for my two kids and my values and goals had shifted. Judith guided me to discover what I really care about and where my strengths are. She was so generous with her time and helped me to change my thinking so that I felt positive about where I’d been, and where I am going in my working life. Judith also understood my need to balance career with family and well being, and so to consider carefully the opportunities that presented themselves to me. I’m so glad that I went to see Judith and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to consolidate and grow their career.



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