there is a man and a women standing at the front of the stage and one man and women lying down at the back of the stage. a . the man and women at the front of the stage are leaning against each other. The man has his arms linked around the women's l eft arm. All performers are participating in the 2012 Catalyst workshop

Catalyst Dance Residents

Joshua Campton is a dancer, actor and film maker. In 2013 Joshua moved from Darwin to Adelaide to pursue his passion in performing arts. Joshua is a valued member of Restless Dance Theatre, No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, 5 Rhythms dance program, and enjoys Australian Dance Theatre night contemporary dance classes. A highlight of Joshua’s career so far has been his appearance in The Audreys’ music video, Baby, are You There?. Joshua is currently rehearsing for the upcoming production Touched with Restless Dance Theatre.

Tara Coughlan’s integrated experience began with the Catalyst Masterclass series in 2012. She also performed with Sprung!!, RED Inc, and Michael Hennessy. She is an Associate Artist with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre, where she is currently involved in development for the dance/theatre film project Encounters. As well as performing, Tara teaches integrated dance and Zumba, and has co-facilitated workshops at festivals and local high schools.

Chris Dyke moved from Point Piper NSW to South Australia to join Restless Dance Theatre and pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer. Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director, invited Chris to join Restless Dance Theatre’s Youth Ensemble. In 2015 he was commissioned by Sophie Hyde to perform in To Look Away, a short film in collaboration with Restless Dance Theatre. A highlight of this year is time being spent with mentor Kyle Page, Artisitc Director at DanceNorth, Townsville QLD.

Elle Evangelista is a dancer based in Sydney with a background in contemporary dance which sometimes transposes into commercial dance. Elle graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts and Certificate II in Dance. Performance highlights include Jardi Tancat, There’s No Time Like The Present, Fugue, Rite of Spring, Mechanic, An Invitation to Balter and touring nationally in 2014 for The King and I.

Jianna Georgiou is a recipient of the Creative Young Stars Program, JUMP National Mentoring Program and the Creative Pathways Development Grant. She has been fortunate to travel throughout Australia to perform, teach and extend her dance practice. Jianna is an Associate Artist of Dance Integrated Australia, and a member of Restless Dance Theatre. Highlights of Jianna’s performance experience so far include No Time Like Now with choreographer Philip Channells and filmmaker Sam James, and developing her own choreography through Restless Dance Debut program.

Zakaria Ghomri is a current member of Murmuration Dance Theatre, where his passion to perform and to share the joy of dance with others has flourished. Through the Department of Education, The Arts Unit; Zakaria participated with a solo role in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Schools Spectacular. Zakaria has enjoyed weekly dance training and performances with Makilla Havier Dance Program (2009, 2010), and being a member of the Special Olympics Dance group (2009).

Kayah Guenther attended Catalyst dance workshops and performances in Sydney run by Accessible Arts in 2012 and 2013. Kayah was one of three Artists with a disability chosen to have a short film made about them by Northern Rivers Screenworks, titled Createability. Kayah enjoys weekly dance and theatre classes at Studio Aperio. Kayah’s dance credits include The Corner Dance Lab (2014,2015), Back to Back Workshop (2015), No Difference, and the Australian Youth Dance Festival (2012).

Lorcan Hopper has been working with Restless Dance Theatre for 11 years, where he has performed in works such as Vocabulary (a collaboration with Australian Dance Theatre), Safe from Harm, Necessary Games, and Salt. Lorcan is a valued member of the Restless Youth Ensemble, the Education Team, and has recently emerged as a young director and choreographer. In 2014 Lorcan created a new work with the support of Australia Council, Wild Clown Circus. Lorcan is a proud artist who brings enormous energy, enthusiasm and charisma to his work.

Matthew Massaria has been a member of Shopfront Theatre for 7 years, where his career in dance and theatre commenced. He performed in major projects and created pieces for the Raw Film Project. In 2013 Matthew received an Amplify Your Art grant to create the dance film Dance is Friendship, launched at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre. He has also performed with DirtyFeet and the Verve Ensemble under the direction of Sarah-Vyne Vassallo.

Max McAuley took part in the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series in Sydney in 2011. He has been part of Sprung!! performances at the Lismore Lantern Parade for the last three years and participated at Philip Channells’ Beyond Technique Residency. With the constant guidance of a number of dedicated professionals including Michael Hennessey, with whom he has weekly dance instruction, Phillip Channells and Phillip Blackman, he continues to learn and grow as an artist and as his expertise grows, so does his passion for dance.

Annabel Saies completed her formal training at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, Dance. Upon graduation Annabel has worked and performed with Sydney independents Jay Bailey, Roz Wythes, Lisa Griffiths, Carl Sciberras and Todd Fuller from Flatline Collective. In 2015 Annabel worked with Roz Wythes for her work Outside Interior for DityFeet’s Out Of the Studio platform for emerging choreographers. Annabel most recently helped assist and facilitate The Right Foot Workshops run by DirtyFeet for people with and without disabilities.

Charlie Smith is a Hobart based artist who enjoys acting, music, design and dance. Charlie is a foundation member of the Second Echo Ensemble, with appearances in If I Jumped I’d Fly, This Much of Me, The Company I Keep by Finegan Kruckemeyer and Branch Book Bench with Kelly Drummond Cawthon. Charlie is also a member of the Osmosis Ensemble as a guitarist, performing at venues around Hobart. Charlie is currently an ensemble member of Second Echo.

Allycia Staples is a creative artist with experience in drama, dance, music production and the visual arts. She has had the opportunity to perform and present nationally and internationally. For the past 7 years, Allycia has been a performing artist with the Sunshine Troupe Inc, which has allowed her to perform in annual performance works. She is involved in the Sunshine Coast Community Inclusive Theatre Restaurant project where she has had the opportunity to develop as a choreographer. Allycia is also a member of The Outsiders band, and Fitness and Dance.

Karen Veldhuizen joined Weave Movement Theatre in 2012, an inclusive performance company based in Melbourne. In 2013 she performed in Weave’s Flock, which was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Karen was involved with Weave and Kat Worth’s film project Will You Go Around With Me? during 2015, culminating in a performance piece and premiere of the movie at LaMama Courthouse Theatre, Carlton.