Karen Veldhuizen, Cataylst Dance Resident

Karen Veldhuizen, Catalyst Dance Resident, is a beneficiary of a mentoring relationship with Michelle Ryan, as part of the Catalyst Dance Development program.

Karen says about her experience, “I received many unexpected outcomes. Not only was Michelle a source of knowledge and professional support, but she came alongside me as a friend and fellow-traveller. This had the unexpected result of validating and affirming my identity as an artist. And most wonderfully for me was the discovery that the story that told itself in her body connected so keenly with my own.”

“Michelle supported my investigations leading into an artistic residency (my first one ever!) and encouraged me to pursue artists and groups whose work inspired me. One of the most unexpected outcomes of my development this year was an invitation to secondment with Murmuration, NSW. I am sure I would not have stepped into this possibility without the companionship of a mentor like Michelle.”

Elle Evangelista, Catalyst Dance Resident

Elle Evangelista, Catalyst Dance Resident, talks about her experience of the first stage of the Catalyst program.

“For me Catalyst has already been so beneficial in providing some great connections with like minded people.

Since our time together in Carriageworks, I have been able to perform a work by Ghenoa Gela in Melbourne and Sydney after participating in her workshop that we had on day one. I have also been approached by another artist working in integrated practices for a new development and am also continuing to work with Auslan in dance settings.

I am so thankful to have Dan Daw as my mentor as he really allows me to guide the process, and is so encouraging along the way.

I can’t wait to be in the Drill Hall with everyone in August to hear about all their pursuits and continuing to learn altogether.”