2016 Arts Activated Program

Arts Activated brings together leading thinkers, artists, advocates, practitioners and producers to learn, explore and contribute to the conversation about current and future practices in arts and disability

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Themes, streams and topics

‘Arts Activated, 2016’ – Pathways to Practice, will explore the varied paths that artists with disability take in developing their practice during their career and how organisations are fostering pathways for artists and audiences with disability.

The conference will be split into two streams ‘Artist Pathways’ and ‘Organisational Pathways’ allowing a more tailored approach to the learning needs of individual artists and independent arts organisations to those of major organisations, funding bodies and venues.

Organisational Pathways

The ‘Organisational Pathways’ stream explores how arts and cultural organisations are incorporating professional arts practice, participation and access to the arts for people with disability into their core business as part of an ongoing strategy. It is a platform to share and generate ideas on best practice, showcase research and discuss new pathways for involvement. Presentations will focus on the initiatives of organisations, festivals and events to further the careers of artists with disability, to improve access for audiences and support the creation, and/or touring of work by artists with disability.

  • Technology – ways new technologies are supporting the development of work and access to creative spaces
  • Community links – the value of fostering links to the arts community and how they strengthen and facilitate contemporary practice
  • Policy, advocacy and funding – innovative action plans, strategies, policies and funding programs that enhance opportunities for artists with disability
  • Cultivating skills and vocational practice – how pathways for artists can be fostered within your contemporary projects and programs
  • Venues, events and access – best practice responses to the built environment and operational processes that provide improved access for artists and audiences
  • Engaging artists and audiences with disability – the importance of consulting and working with artists and audience with disability to improve core business practice
  • Developing and presenting work – how partnerships between organisations and artists with disability lead to enhanced arts and cultural outcomes

Artist Pathways

The ‘Artist Pathways’ stream explores the different journeys that artists take and the opportunities and varied ways they develop their practice throughout their career. The conference will be a platform for sharing stories, collaborating and developing networks. Presentations will feature both individual artists and service providers on some of the following topics.

  • Technology – contemporary models for integrating technology within an arts practice, how it helps or hinders creativity and discussions for future developments
  • Community links – the relevance of community engagement when developing a project and how that can contribute to enhanced artistic outcomes
  • Cultivating skills and vocational practice – pursuing creative opportunities and outcomes through residencies, grants and internships
  • Performing and exhibiting – expanding creative practice through sharing knowledge of the artist experience across art forms
  • Industry session – practical session for all career stage artists on grants, opportunities, grant writing and contemporary business skills